The benefit of FAQ on JAV

Asking questions is an integral part of learning. It is also best for imparting information and knowledge as with questions only one can access the knowledge of a subject at its optimum level, exercising the mind and reaching to those parts of logic which are beyond the theory books. It also gives an exposure to multiple kinds of thinking, ideas and vision. Perspective towards a single event can be different for each individual and of this multiple theories there are essential value based ideas which in turn can be beneficial at a larger scale. So discussion and question answer format is considered as the best mode of communication and this is true even for the youth representing body JAV also.

JAV is one of the integral and sought after professional counseling body which has the main aim to conserve the rights as well as communicate and guide young trainees as well as students who are at the beginning of the career and are not equipped with the trick of the trade and its workings. That is the reason why there is a message board where young aspiring trainees or apprentice can post their questions and eminent professionals as well as senior workers and people of the management can answer the questions to guide the trainee better. The students are novice and not much mature regarding the ways of the trade. This is explained by JAV, which is an electoral body consisting of members of the company working towards protecting the interest of the youths who have been working with the company to gather more experience and knowledge about the practical field. These are invaluable real time experience where a number of question may arise in the mind regarding multiple processes followed by the company and it is required that these questions receive correct answer with proper guidance so that the base become strong of this young and budding workers.

This process of FAQ in JAV is a popular and effective procedure maintained by several big companies with best results. It helps the young employees to be aware of their rights and duties. The FAQ in JAV is an open forum where question and answers are displayed as threads, allowing several people to post their views and include themselves in the thread. There are various young professionals who write testimonials too that works in favor of both organization as well as the trainees. It is a platform to interact and communicate with the management and understand their demands and express own needs and ideas.